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The New Standard
In Immersive Audio

No metadata.

Universally compatible.

Any number of channels.

No room simulations or reverb.

Patented audio IP from published experts in Psychoacoustics and Human Perception.

Our experience inventing and developing audio solutions for the world's largest companies and greatest musicians in history began over 4 decades ago.  Let us help you disrupt markets and build an ecosystem of next generation products.

Home Audio &

Sound bars, smart speakers, in-home theaters, headphones, ear buds, hearing aids, AR, and VR, including head tracking. Psyx delivers 3D immersive experiences with 100% of your content 100% of the time.  When height speakers are not present, they are virtualized to deliver the z-axis information necessary for realistic 3D.


Vehicles present both a challenging and favorable listening environment for immersive audio. Psyx presents an artifact-free, immersive listening environment regardless of the number of speakers, or content being played in the cabin. Our partnership with the global leader in automotive tuning software means we provide unbeatable turnkey solutions for even the most cahllenging of projects.

Mixing, Post Production

The Psyx immersive mixing and monitoring suite enables multichannel immersive mixes in any channel configuration up to 128 channels.  Stereo downmixes of Psyx immersive mixes can be compressed, edited, streamed, etc without the need for a decoder. 

3D visual analysis, headphone monitoring, and Pro Tools/Logic Pro support allow for true portability and flexibilty.


Immersive audio for all streaming providers and broadcasters. No metadata or special wrappers. No proprietary encode formats. Just discrete immersive audio for any stream or broadcast. 

3D Audio Anywhere, Anytime. Unprecedented Realism.

At Psy(x) we are driven by solving real world challenges and bridging the gap between human auditory perception and the technology to which it is being fed.  We start with a human model, derived from our more than 40 years of research and development in the fields of psychoacoustics, physcometrics, biophysics, and human perception, coupled with a limeftime in the music industry touring with the biggest names in history.  Every product we design begins with the understanding of our human psychoacoustic model and our ability to affect its quality of experience.

Our patented techniques for delivering fully immersive experiences are the only 100% legacy compatible system in existence, without the dependency on metadata, HRTFs, or convolution.  We have products for every stage in the ecosystem from capture to distribution to consumption.

A tridimenional image mapping system powers our rendering engine, which delivers ultra realism in as many or few channels as required by the application.  The image mapping with the Time Varying Decorrelation (US9830927) process make it possible to enjoy all of your content immersively whiether it be streaming, compressed, or even a vinyl record. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years Developing

Audio Technology


Hours of Content Processed


Products Shipped


Live Shows Mixed


Patents Granted

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Partner Ecosystem

Hear what some of our friends have to say.

"Amazingly dramatic, it's like...I would never want to hear the source again."

-Ray Kennedy

(Producer/Engineer - Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Willie Nelson)

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