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Our Products


uprenders any source format in 3D immersive surround with height information to as many as 256 channels, and virtualizes height when physical speakers are not present. Hemisurround is the world’s only 2 channel immersive audio rendering system for multichannel or soundbar systems, and delivers the most realistic, immersive audio experience available.


renders front, rear, and height information with unprecedented realism in any pair of headphones. Hemiphone works with all stereo content from streaming to hi-resolution, and can be used to monitor immersive audio mixes in Psyx’ 3D workflow.


is a 3D height virtualizer designed specifically for TV/Smart TV application. HemiTV separates and elevates height elements from any source and renders an immersive experience without adding additional channels.


enables streaming/broadcast service providers to deliver immersive audio with height over any traditional stereo signal path. No changes to the workflow are required. Psyx Hemistream works with all codecs and acts as a post process at the point of emissions.


is a visual analyzer that accepts a 2 channel audio input and displays 3D image placement, magnitude, and frequency in real-time. 3DAR used in both the mixing process as well as post- production, allowing the user to visually see where the audio is actually being rendered in the real world.


is a 4-stage adaptive compressed audio enhancement algorithm that addresses shortcomings in lossy compression. Earprint reduces listening fatigue and increases time spent listening with any compressed content and can be used in conjunction with any other Psyx rendering technology.

Psyx Dialog

provides effortless control of dialog information within stereo audio, even after it has been compressed. Psyx Dialog is useful for removing dialogue for language translation, or an added level of control in a TV or soundbar.

Psyx Volume Leveling

utilizes a quantum detector core to adaptively control perceived loudness within a specific desired volume range. Psyx Volume Leveling is extremely trasparent and has a usable range of 40dB. It is ITU-R BS.1770 compliant and is designed for streaming/broadcast, CE, and in-flight applications.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our algorithms are designed with their analog predecessors in mind.  This means that although we produce some of the world's most advanced psychoacoustic technology, the architectures are built for real world application and performance.  Each algorithm has been designed in our proprietary graphical editor and converted to C code before being compiled for the target of your choice. 


We pride ourselves on interoperability and minimizing workflow impact, and have deployed our technologies to a wide range of devices and infrastructure including sattelite emissions workflows, ICs, DSPs, and streaming/broadcast IP infrastructure.

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